Monday, August 20, 2018

Most infamous cases of internet hacking

In this age of the internet, we rely too much on the computer. All of our data including financial data are saved on our computers and we always have to be aware of hacking and other threats. Hackers are notorious programmers who use their skills to harm others and steal their data and money. In this article, we are going to share some of the most infamous cases of internet hacking.

        One billion yahoo accounts: In 2013, we witnessed one of the biggest data-breach. A group of hackers stole 1 billion yahoo accounts. Everyone was notified about the hacking and was asked to change their passwords. The company said that no financial information was stolen.

        Mafiaboy: In the year 2000, Michael Calce, also known by his alias Mafiaboy, decide to hack big websites like Amazon, CNN, Yahoo etc. It costed more than one billion dollars to those companies. Surprisingly, at the time he hacked all of those websites, he was just 15 years old, and he only did it for fun.

        Porsche Hacker: This is one of the cases where a strange reason for hacking is involved. In the year 1995, LA KIIS FM was offering a Porsche 944 S2 to the 102nd callers in the contest. Kevin Poulsen hacked the complete telephone network so that no one else would get to call the station. He won the Porsche but was later sent to jail for that.

        Melissa Virus: What started as a pun end up costing damage worth 80 million dollars. In 1999, David Smith created a simple virus which would attach itself as a word file into the outlook mail and send it to the first 50 contact listed in victim’s email list. However, for this, he had to spend 20 months in jail.

        Wannacry: It was one of the biggest hacking attacks in the last decade. Wannacry was a ransomware. It would lock the victim's computer and ask for 10,000 dollars ransome as bitcoin. It was said that some North Korean hackers were behind this and more than 400,000 Personal computers were infected all around the world.

        GOP hackers: In 2014, GOP or Guardians of Peace group attacked the Sony pictures and stole more than 100 terabytes of data. It was because of the movie “the interview” which was about the North Korean dictator. In 2017, another hacking group attacked HBO and stole all the data of the show Game of Thrones which included episodes and staff emails.

        Bangladesh Bank Heist: Hackers had tried to steal more than 1 billion dollars from Bangladesh bank but were intercepted. Yet they manage to steal 81 million dollars and it was suspected that Lazarus group, who are also responsible for Wannacry, was behind this.

There are many examples of infamous cases of internet hacking, but all of the above are noteworthy. Make sure you have a secure internet service provider too. It is as imperative as having a good antivirus. Tikona Infinet Private limited is service provider which will meet your demand for secure and encrypted network solution.