Wednesday, November 29, 2017

The Benefits of Public Internet Access

In the present age and time internet has become as good as a basic necessity. Most of the electronic gadgets feature some or the other internet enabled functions. With each passing day, newer internet technologies are improving our quality of life. In order to make internet accessible to the community, public Wi-Fi zones came into being. In a country like India, where not everybody can afford a mobile data plan. Hence public Wi-Fi zones come in a blessing. Although the speed of the internet varies in each Wi-Fi zone, basic internet functions like sending emails and browsing internet can be done easily with public Wi-Fi zones. Besides free internet, there are many benefits of Public Internet Access such as:- 

Disaster Relief

A public Wi-Fi zone can be of great help when disaster strikes. Even if there is a power outage in a particular area, a Wi-Fi zone can be operated with minimal electricity which can be generated by a solar panel or a small generator. In such a situation the zone administrator can put up important information in the initial page, which is viewed by everyone who uses the public Wi-Fi zone. This way, important information can be communicated easily to all the people residing in a particular area. Vital information such as disaster volunteer helpline or disaster relief supply zones can be disseminated easily. Therefore, a public Wi-Fi zone can be an important source of communication in a post-disaster situation. 

Education and Digital Literacy

The internet offers a wealth of information. Hence the people who don’t have access to the internet are deprived of digital information. This phenomenon is also referred to as the digital divide which exists between people from cities and the people from towns and rural areas. By establishing public Wi-Fi zones, everyone will have access the internet. The 24x7 internet accessibility offered by public Wi-Fi zones is especially beneficial for students, as they can access the information even when they are away from their school & college libraries. Hence students can finish their homework, exchange information over the internet, send emails, apply for jobs, the possibilities are just endless. 

Town Promotion and Tourism

When you spot a public Wi-Fi zone in any town, you naturally form the impression that the town is progressive. Besides, whenever tourists spot a free Wi-Fi zone they come to linger around the place and are motivated to explore the town more. Having a public Wi-Fi zone in a local eatery is especially convenient as tourists can catch up on their emails or read the latest news while waiting for their orders. Hence, a public Wi-Fi zone can play a key role in the business promotion and tourism of a certain locality.

Hence, it is a great idea to offer free Wi-Fi zones for people, which may prove helpful in several scenarios. Besides promoting business, a free Wi-fi zone benefits the society. There are several internet service providers which would offer good broadband services for the job, one of whom is Tikona Broadband.

Tikona Infinet limited is a leading internet service provider for all internet solutions. They offer services that use some of the most cutting-edge technologies in the market. These services are very popular, and there are a number of favorable Tikona broadband reviews of the same online.

You can purchase unlimited Tikona broadband plans at attractive rates and offer Public Internet Access to your customers as well.  Tikona internet plans give you the following benefits-
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