Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Tikona Review of 6 Mbps Broadband Plan by a Professional Blogger

Name: Raj Goenka
Age: 22 years
Location: Bengaluru
Occupation: Professional blogger

I love technology and blogging. While I was a college student, I started my own tech blog after being encouraged by my friends. Rapidly my blog grew from five followers to over a thousand. I have now even started blogging for companies that approach me. This includes introducing new products, DIY repairs, the latest tech news, tech company profiles, and others. While earlier my internet connection was fine enough for amateur blogging, it started becoming a problem when I decided to shift to professional blogging. This is because my old connection would take a lot of time for me to upload high-quality videos as well as research the latest tech terms and product launches.

How was I introduced to Tikona’s Internet services?

I was on the lookout for a better internet connection. I checked online and asked friends and neighbors for recommendations. A number of them gave me good Tikona broadband review, which got me interested and which is why I added it to my list of potential internet service providers (ISPs). I then went online and read all the reviews, plans, and other things about the different ISPs in my list. After reading the reviews for Tikona Infinite Limited, I decided to call the company for a new internet connection. I, of course, did keep my old ISP’s connection for a month, just in case the new connection was not as good as I had expected. In the end, I decided to keep the Tikona connection while letting go of the old internet connection.

My Tikona plan

I selected the Tikona 6 Mbps broadband plan as it felt like the right plan that not only fulfilled my blogging needs but also gave me good speeds while gaming online. The plan cost INR 550 a month, which was very reasonable and pocket-friendly. It gave me 30 GB data limit at a speed of 6 Mbps.

How Tikona set up the Internet connection?

The installation process was very fast. I contacted Tikona via its website. Since my neighbors already had a Tikona broadband connection, there was no need to set up any extra infrastructure. The company installed two routers—a rooftop router and an internal router in a day’s time. The rooftop router was installed on the terrace. The internal router was installed at my home. A cable was used to connect both of them. The router connects up to eight Wi-Fi-enabled devices. Tikona has made my house an internet hub that benefits all my friends.

My experience with the service

Tikona offers fast Internet and has a reliable connection. There has seldom been any downtime on this connection. With the new connection, I have been able to conduct research and upload videos quickly. This has also let me take on a lot more projects by other companies.

My final rating of Tikona

I have been using Tikona’s internet service since the past three months. So far, I haven’t had any problems with it. The internet pack I am using is sufficient to last an entire month. I am actually glad I changed my ISP. That is why I wrote this, hoping that my Tikona review proves beneficial to others as well.

Internet speed: 9/10
Connectivity: 10/10
Installation services: 8/10
The equipment: 9/10
Customer service: 7/10
My overall rating: 9/10


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    1. Yes, far as I've used this internet connection, I've faced no problems, even during rains.

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