Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Top 3 Common Wi-Fi Problems that Users Face

Today, four out of five houses in Indian metros have a Wi-Fi internet connection. This internet broadband is usually powered by internet service providers (ISP) as they are more cost-effective, efficient, and provide a dedicated connection. But there are few common problems that users face when it comes to connecting their devices to the internet. These can be an authentication problem or a set up error which are really annoying for a user.
Below is a list of three common issues and their resolution:

Poor Signal Strength

One of the most common problems is poor WiFi signal strength. Although there can be various causes for this, the most usual suspect is the Wi-Fi router itself. Most modern devices have a lifespan of around four years, and yet it depends on the technology and the brand. Replacing and configuring the router may help you regain signal strength, but if the problem persists, you may want to look at the positioning of your hardware.

This wireless technology works on the principle of radio wave transmission wherein a router transmits data waves for devices such as your smartphone and your laptop to detect and connect to. These radio waves need space (or a medium) to move around freely. If they do not have this liberty to move around, say due to a wall or any other physical object, the strength of these signals fall, causing you to receive low-quality signals. One way to check this is to take your device in front of the router and try connecting to the internet. If it gives you full signal strength, you have your culprit.

Channel Noise

Have you ever looked at the Wi-Fi networks list from your mobile device when you are at home? Chances are that you will see at least five different networks (all your neighbors’). Well, this can be a problem for your router because now it has to cut through these channels too in addition to transmitting internet to you. The more number of networks in a location, the harder for your router to transmit good-quality internet.

The easiest way to get rid of this is to manually select a unique channel that your router transmits internet in. There are several guides available on the internet which you can refer to for this purpose. And once you do it, you will never have to worry about poor signal strength again.

“Forgot the Password”

It may be hard to believe but people always lose access or forget the password of their Wi-Fi networks. If you are one of them, fret not, because there are several guides available on the web that you can use to retrieve your password. The process is similar to how you change your channel, and can be carried out in minutes flat.

These are the top 3 problems that Wi-Fi users face today, and most internet providers in India like Tikona make sure that their customers’ problems are immediately resolved. There are several services that are offered by Tikona Broadband.

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