Wednesday, June 1, 2016

9 Benefits of Internet for Students

The internet is the largest resource we have for any and all kinds of information. This makes it an invaluable aid to researchers and students alike. From scientific journals, research papers, encyclopaedias to digital libraries and books, there is nothing that cannot be found online.
Here are some of the ways in which students benefit academically through improved access to the internet:

Students take part in discussions on message boards and forums. They share and exchange their ideas and opinions. The digital platform lets students understand different perspectives. They also get a chance to interact and connect with people sharing the same passion.

Video Calls:
Video calls enable students to have interactive sessions with teachers and experts. They can seek clarification and guidance from experts in any part of the world. This gives them better exposure to the subject.

Online Courses:
There are a number of online courses, many of which can even be accessed for free. Some of these online learning programs can help students develop specific skill sets that will give them greater career opportunities.

Save Money:
Students buy textbooks and study material online by comparing prices from different websites. It is always money-saving. At times they can also refer to digital libraries instead of purchasing expensive research books.

The search for a topic becomes streamlined on the internet. Entering ‘filetype:ppt’ along with the topic gives well-researched presentations and a crisp material on a particular subject.

Create Bibliography:
With the help of a website,, students can create a bibliography in no time. This saves a lot of time when student are rushing to meet project deadlines.

Google Scholar brings up a list of published papers and studies. It also updates a student when a new paper is published on the relevant subject.

While studying, students may change their Facebook newsfeed. Entering the URL, ‘’ will fill the newsfeed with inspiring quotes.

Kindle Books:
Kindle books available on are of a great help when working on a project. If a student is preparing a paper or researching on a topic, he may enter the keywords on Kindle to get correct quotes, and appropriate sections of the book.

All of these uses clearly state that internet benefits the students more than anything else. It enhances their knowledge. 

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