Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Understanding the Digital India Program

Prime Minister Narendra Modi initiated his ambitious project Digital India, last year. It aims to empower people through digitization. 

Digital India will make the country ready for global challenges. Technology will be at the center of everything, meant to transform lives and help in the growth of individuals. It will also assist in the overall development of the country. The government will seek help from a number of entities to make the program a success.

Aim of Digital India

The Digital India program revolves around 3 important areas. These are:

1. Utility to citizens: The government wants to offer maximum utility to citizens. People in rural areas should also get access to high-speed internet service. They should be able to handle finances and banking tasks online. The government wants to provide them with a secure network so that they can work on the internet conveniently. Tikona Digital Networks is a company that offers a safe network to its users. Tikona reviews online show great appreciation from users.

2. On-demand services: The government’s focus is to provide e-governance and on-demand services to users. Citizens will be given easy access to information and services. Procedures will also be simplified. This will let citizens save a lot of time and help them execute important tasks conveniently.

3. Empowerment: Another important focus of Digital India is to empower the citizens. People will be made digitally literate. The government wants to make the internet easily accessible to people. It wants them to make optimum use of service. The government has introduced regional languages on the web to increase public participation. The private company, Tikona, also strives to offer the best services to people at affordable rates, so that increasing numbers can use the internet. Despite their low rates, there is no compromise on speed. A Tikona speed test proves that the company offers efficient high-speed services.   

Major Projects:
Some of the important projects under the Digital India program are:
  • The government will offer broadband services in all the gram panchayats, in villages, and in urban areas as well. It aims to establish the infrastructure by March, next year. 
  • It will connect all the 44,000 villages of India through the mobile network.  
  • The government will make important services online. It will issue documents like voter ID cards and school certificates online. It will also offer services of health, education, and justice, among others through electronic means. 
  • The government will provide a platform to citizens for two-way interaction. The government will make them aware of new government schemes through it and citizens may send their suggestions on the same. 
  • The Digital India initiative has increased the usage of internet in India. Its larger goal will bring more and more citizens closer to the digital world.