Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Tikona’s Attractive 4G Strategy

Tikona Digital Networks is gearing up for the launch of its 4G services and has designed an efficient strategy for the same.
Tikona’s Services in Varanasi
Tikona targets homes and small offices for its services. The Mumbai-based Internet Service Provider (ISP) has already launched the services as a pilot project in Varanasi, in October.
In Varanasi, Tikona has built capacities to cover 50,000 homes. It introduced the Tikona Zabbardusplan in the city. Under this plan, Tikona provides broadband services with up to 6 Mbps speed. For a plan with a 50 GB data limit, users need to pay INR 1,500 per month, while INR 2,000 per month will increase the limit to 80 GB. Tikona 4G is offered in Varanasi at places like Sigra, Kamaksha, Paharia, Nadesar, Durgakund, and Gadholiya, among other areas.
Tikona had won 4G spectrum licenses in 5 regions of North-West India. These include Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh East, and Uttar Pradesh West. The company is planning to reuse the Varanasi model in different cities of these circles. It will soon launch services at other places.
Founder, ManagingDirector (MD), and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Tikona, Prakash Bajpai, said, “We are hopeful that subscribers in Varanasi will get to experience world-class home broadband services which they can use conveniently for various reasons.”
Tikona’s 4G Plan
Tikona has planned an efficient 4G strategy. Its strategy is different from other telecom companies in the country. Most of the Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) providers are focusing on outdoor and mobile coverage, but Tikona has its focus on home broadband, since the day of its inception. Tikona has a great opportunity in this sector as none of the other companies have their focus on home broadband services. Tikona aims to provide blanket coverage to all the cities coming under its circles.
Bajpai informed that Tikona excels in a technology which is wireless from start to end, but offers wireline technology. The company has devised a cost structure that is just 10% of a wireline company in terms of supply. Additionally, Tikona is keen on offering innovative products that will help to deal with the issues of Indian broadband industry.
Unlike other companies, Tikona need not focus on a content eco-system for the success of 4G services. Tikona will only have to focus on building capacities for homes. Tikona believes that the internet is the mother of all content and this will itself push usage. As the usage of smartphones increases within households, data consumption will also increase. This will let Tikona earn lots of profits.
Apart from covering all households in the cities, Tikona broadband will also be deployed in nearby villages. The company has been collecting fiber from varied operators.

Tikona has planned to go for a 50% market share and 70% traffic share in cities for indoor broadband services. With all of these strategies, Tikona is position for huge market gains, making the company increasingly attractive to investors.