Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Wi-Fi Made Easy with Tikona

India is one of the fastest growing and largest markets when it comes to internet services. Increasing sales of smart phones and mobile internet access has further spurred this growth and the demand for easy and high-speed internet services.

Tikona Digital Networks is one of the leading broadband service providers in India. It provides Wi-Fi services across 25 cities of the country and serves 2.75 lakh customers.

Seamless Connectivity

Tikona offers seamless Wi-Fi internet connections in large homes and offices. A common problem with most Wi-Fi devices used in home is their limited range and the resultant blind spots with poor connectivity. This is especially problematic in larger homes and also in offices. Tikona has addressed this issue ensuring efficient connectivity at multiple levels of your accommodation, whether a row house or a bungalow. Multiple users, with multiple devices can also connect to the Wi-Fi simultaneously.

Customer reactions have already been positive, reaffirming faith in the quality of the service provider. Promises of seamless connectivity throughout the coverage area were naturally greeted with initial skepticism, but as users signed up with Tikona the feedback has been decidedly appreciative, with most customers expressing satisfaction with the quality of service. Most of these users felt that their wireless service prior to Tikona had an inhibiting effect because of the presence of blind spots that restricted their mobility, defeating the very purpose of wireless networks.  Tikona’s service comes as a huge relief to such consumers.

Easy Access

New customers opting for Tikona are surprised with the ease of connectivity. By simply plugging in a router, the user can start using internet services. Engineers simply need to install a signal receiver at the rooftop of one house in the area to make the service accessible to the entire neighborhood. This simplifies what is otherwise a painfully time consuming and inconvenient procedure of installation.

High Speed at Cheaper Rates

Unlike traditional routers, Tikona’s router is attractively designed so that it does not spoil the d├ęcor of the house. High-speed 4G internet is made available along with enhanced security and flawless service to users at affordable rates.

The high-speed services offered by the company enable users to stream videos seamlessly. Subscribers can also choose from a variety of plans, depending on their usage patterns. Users can get data plans for aslittle as INR 500 per month for a speed of 2 Mbps and a data limit of 10 GB. At INR 650 per month, you could enjoy a 15 GB data limit at a speed of 4 Mbps, while at INR 2000 per month you would get a 250 GB data usage limit for a speed of 4Mbps. Prices can vary greatly, but you can choose between cheap plans with low data limits and high speeds, or slower speeds with higher limits, or choose something balanced.

Experts Views

Experts have conducted some tests and found that residents enjoy a superior experience with Tikona. They are guaranteed easier access to online activities that were previously restricted because of connectivity issues. Multi-tasking also gets a lot easier with 4G speeds allowing you to stream videos, download content and surf the net simultaneously. Speed tests confirmed that the speeds offered by traditional dongles were nowhere near the speed of the wireless connection from Tikona.

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