Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Wi-Fi Made Easy with Tikona

India is one of the fastest growing and largest markets when it comes to internet services. Increasing sales of smart phones and mobile internet access has further spurred this growth and the demand for easy and high-speed internet services.

Tikona Digital Networks is one of the leading broadband service providers in India. It provides Wi-Fi services across 25 cities of the country and serves 2.75 lakh customers.

Seamless Connectivity

Tikona offers seamless Wi-Fi internet connections in large homes and offices. A common problem with most Wi-Fi devices used in home is their limited range and the resultant blind spots with poor connectivity. This is especially problematic in larger homes and also in offices. Tikona has addressed this issue ensuring efficient connectivity at multiple levels of your accommodation, whether a row house or a bungalow. Multiple users, with multiple devices can also connect to the Wi-Fi simultaneously.

Customer reactions have already been positive, reaffirming faith in the quality of the service provider. Promises of seamless connectivity throughout the coverage area were naturally greeted with initial skepticism, but as users signed up with Tikona the feedback has been decidedly appreciative, with most customers expressing satisfaction with the quality of service. Most of these users felt that their wireless service prior to Tikona had an inhibiting effect because of the presence of blind spots that restricted their mobility, defeating the very purpose of wireless networks.  Tikona’s service comes as a huge relief to such consumers.

Easy Access

New customers opting for Tikona are surprised with the ease of connectivity. By simply plugging in a router, the user can start using internet services. Engineers simply need to install a signal receiver at the rooftop of one house in the area to make the service accessible to the entire neighborhood. This simplifies what is otherwise a painfully time consuming and inconvenient procedure of installation.

High Speed at Cheaper Rates

Unlike traditional routers, Tikona’s router is attractively designed so that it does not spoil the d├ęcor of the house. High-speed 4G internet is made available along with enhanced security and flawless service to users at affordable rates.

The high-speed services offered by the company enable users to stream videos seamlessly. Subscribers can also choose from a variety of plans, depending on their usage patterns. Users can get data plans for aslittle as INR 500 per month for a speed of 2 Mbps and a data limit of 10 GB. At INR 650 per month, you could enjoy a 15 GB data limit at a speed of 4 Mbps, while at INR 2000 per month you would get a 250 GB data usage limit for a speed of 4Mbps. Prices can vary greatly, but you can choose between cheap plans with low data limits and high speeds, or slower speeds with higher limits, or choose something balanced.

Experts Views

Experts have conducted some tests and found that residents enjoy a superior experience with Tikona. They are guaranteed easier access to online activities that were previously restricted because of connectivity issues. Multi-tasking also gets a lot easier with 4G speeds allowing you to stream videos, download content and surf the net simultaneously. Speed tests confirmed that the speeds offered by traditional dongles were nowhere near the speed of the wireless connection from Tikona.

Friday, December 18, 2015

The Rise of Broadband Subscribers in India

Broadband usage is steadily increasing across India. This growth is expected to continue for reasons that are rather obvious. High-speed, easy access, and seamless service have contributed to the appeal of broadband internet to users.

Growth of Broadband Subscribers
India’s telecom watchdog, Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) revealed that the number of broadband users increased by 4.1% from June to July this year. It grew from 108.85 million to 113.32 million. Within the sector, mobile phone and dongle users contributed to the highest growth, with mobile device users increasing by 4.68%, from 92.7 million to 97.04 million, within a span of just one month.

Based on the information given by service providers, TRAI stated that wired subscribers increased from 15.7 million to 15.84, showing a small growth of 0.9%. On the other hand, fixed wireless subscribers decreased from 4.5 lakhs to 4.4 lakhs, showing a fall of 2.84%. Fixed wireless service includes WiFi, Point to Point Radio, WiMax, and VSAT.

During the end of July, 83.83% of the market share of all broadband users was held by the top 5 service providers. Bharti Airtel had the highest number of users, with 26.51 million subscribers, closely followed by Vodafone, which served 22.71 million customers. Bharti Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) was at third position with 18.43 million subscribers, followed by Idea Cellular Limited with 17.43 million users, and Reliance Communications Group with 9.93 million subscribers.

Among wired broadband service providers, BSNL topped the list with 9.92 million users; Bharti Airtel was next with 1.5 million subscribers, followed by Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited (MTNL), with 1.13 million customers. Interestingly, regional companies like Atria Convergence Technologies and YOU Broadband were seen in the top 5 list. Atria Convergence was at the 4th place with 0.75 million users while YOU Broadband was ranked 5th with 0.47 million subscribers.

Another list with the top 5 wireless broadband service providers had Bharti Airtel at the top with 25.01 million users. Vodafone was ranked second with 22.70 million subscribers, while Idea Cellular was third, with 17.42 million customers. The next two names that followed were Reliance Communications Group and BSNL, with 9.81 million and 8.51 million users, respectively.

Tikona Digital Networks
Founded in 2008, Tikona Digital Networks is one of the leading broadband service providers in India. It serves 2.75 lakh customers, across 25 cities in the country. Affordable rates, efficient service, and a superior experience are what draw customers to Tikona.

With a variety of plans, users can choose packages that suit their usage requirements. 4 Mbps plans are available for as little as INR 600 per month, with a 15 GB data cap. Users with higher data requirements can opt for 4 Mbps plans with a 50 GB data limit at a cost of just INR 200 more. Whichever plan you choose, you can be sure to get value for money when dealing with Tikona.


Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Tikona to use Telenet’s 4G-enabled Outdoor CPEs

TikonaDigital Networks is preparing to launch its 4G services by the end of thisyear. The company will be focusing on indoor broadband services for homes and offices.

Tikona’s Association with Telenet -

Tikona has selected Telenet Systems Pvt. Ltd. for its high-speed 4G Long-Term Evolution (LTE) services. It will make use of Telenet’s outdoor Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) and indoor routers. The CPE is powered by a single-mode LTE chipset from Sequans Communications.
The outdoor CPEs are generally fixed atop a terrace so that they can connect with the telecom operator’s high-speed data network. This helps operators to enhance their indoor broadband service with the help of fiber. 

S. Dharmarajan, Vice President (VP) of Sales and Marketing at Telenet Systems informed that Telenet has already started supplying its products to Tikona. In the initial period, it will give a few thousand units of CPEs. He said that Tikona is very much focused on offering broadband services to companies and households.
Tikona makes use of Telenet's products to provide Wi-Fi-based broadband services to homes and offices. It has more than 3 lakh Telenet’s Wi-Fi CPEs installed across India.

Telenet, founded in 1990, has employed nearly 80 people across the country. The company has recently begun to manufacture LTE CPEs in India. Every month, it makes nearly 25,000 Wi-Fi and outdoor LTE CPEs and supplies these to Indian telecom companies.

Tikona’s 4G Plans -

With many service providers trying to launch 4G services across the country, Tikona has already made inroads into the sector and holds 4G spectrum licenses for 5 circles, including Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh (West), Rajasthan, and Uttar Pradesh (East). The company plans to invest INR 1,500 crores more to strengthen its 4G LTE services in these circles.
Tikona firstrolled out its 4G LTE services in Varanasi, this year as a pilot project. It has built broadband capacities to serve 50,000 homes in the city. With the huge success, the company has decided to replicate the same model in all of the cities under its coverage. It has planned to roll out services in 30 cities by early 2016.

Tikona is known to have built one of the largest outdoor Wi-Fi network infrastructures in the world, consisting of 40,000 access points. Additionally, it is one of the first operatorsto make use of the unlicensed spectrum to establish a secure wireless network.

Tikona strives to give the best internet services at affordable rates in the country. It is working to enhance the accessibility of internet across India.