Friday, September 18, 2015

Cyber Security necessary to create Digital India

With the launch of the Digital India program, more and more people are using the internet in their daily lives. With this, the risks and threats of data loss are also increasing. Hackers may access your personal accounts or bank details. To avoid this, cyber security needs to be uplifted. 

Importance of cyber security

The Digital India program is huge and is sure to receive global attention. Security should be built with every step in the program. It requires a secure ecosystem from the beginning.

The government is working on setting up power grids, air traffic controls, banking systems, etc. Hackers may easily steal information from these systems. The risk increases as there will be varied technologies and devices communicating with each other simultaneously.   

To protect the information being thus exchanged, and to ensure efficient functioning, the government will have to embed security measures in the planning stage itself. Earlier, there have been hacking issues faced by the government. With the spurt in digitization, the threat is set to increase further.

Cyber security equals national security. There may be threats affecting national security if the system has not been secured. Besides, when the government abides by the standard security rules, the stakeholders will benefit by understanding the project better. 

Steps government should take

India will have to build its network filters, work on its early warning devices and add new firewalls to its varied systems. The government needs to achieve maximum digital penetration with minimum cyber risks. The threats may be reduced when new and worthy solutions are generated and applied from the initial stage.

For the perfect protection, not only government but also vendors offering services should stick to stringent security standards. Vendors will provide internet infrastructure, devices, systems and solutions. All of these require better coordination between the government and vendors. They need to have a robust plan to quickly identify the threats and eliminate them. 

The government will also need to design a policy for strengthening cyber security. India has a Cyber Security Act 2013. But, the proper implementation of this act needs to be ensured. A professionally skilled team will help in proper implementation.

Another important measure is awareness. For this, the private sector needs to equally support the government. Awareness about cyber security is low in India. But the scenario is slowly changing. Companies are recruiting experts to have efficient security management. More the awareness, more companies will adopt better security measures.

The government will have to invest and plan cyber security efficiently to make its programa success. Cyberspace is a national asset, which needs to be protected. For a robust system, the government and private companies will need to work as a team.

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