Friday, August 28, 2015

Delhi, a Growing Internet Hub

Internet is found in almost every home in India. As per data from the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), India had 25.51 million broadband users in rural areas and 73.69million broadband users in urban areas till March, 2015. The total number of broadband users in the country were 99.2 million. 

In rural areas, Karnataka tops the number of broadband subscribers with 2.77 million followed by Kerala’s 2.52 million and Tamil Nadu’s 2.27 million. In urban areas, Delhi topped the list with 8.7 million. Next in the list is Tamil Nadu with 7.56 million, and Maharashtra along with Goa with 7.44 million together. 

Ravi Shankar Prasad, Union Information Technology Minister suggested that the number of broadband users in rural India is low due to the lack of strong infrastructure. Also, electrical connections in remote areas have proven to be a major issue. Besides, literacy and the number of computers in rural areas both are low. He added that the government has issued funds of Rs.26.75 crore in FY 2014-15 for the State Service Delivery Gateway (SSDG) project.

Tikona Digital in Delhi

Tikona DigitalNetworks has played a vital role in boosting internet usage in Delhi. The company has also offered free Wi-Fi services at the Maharana Pratap Inter-State bus Terminus (ISBT) since April 2013. The Maharana Pratap ISBT runs buses between Delhi and seven states.
The Wi-Fi service offered by Tikona Digital will let travelers from these states use wireless broadband services free cost for the first 30 minutes.
Chief Operating Officer of Tikona Digital, Sridhar Krish, said that this service will provide lakhs of commuters access to the internet during transit. They will get to experience Tikona broadband services that are high-speed and operate through secured wireless connectivity.

Tikona Digital Networks is present in 25 cities of India. It has a large customer base of 2.75 lakh subscribers. Tikona Digital is also the biggest outdoor Wi-Fi service provider with 40,000 outdoor wireless access points spread all over the country.
Internet from Indian Railways in Delhi
Indian Railways has also decided to offer Wi-Fi services in the Howrah Rajdhani Express traveling between Delhi and West Bengal as a pilot project. Indian Railways will make an investment of Rs. 6.3 crore for this. Wi-Fi connectivity will be given to the different coaches in the train and they will also be linked with satellite communication that will be set up by satellite hub facility.
Indian Railways is providing these services currently to the passengers. The service is provided to the three rakes of the Howrah Rajdhani Express. 

In view of the current announcements, a few more may be on the anvil, which will ultimately boost internet growth in Delhi.

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