Wednesday, July 22, 2015

India - Moving towards Digitization

Internet has transformed our lives. It connects people and simplifies processes. The people in India are rapidly embracing internet technology.

More than 80% of India’s population uses mobile phones while 10% use smartphones. Experts predict that 5 million internet users and 8.3 million networked devices users will keep adding every month for the next three years.

The revolutionized India will move ahead from the rest of the world. The dream of digitized India will turn into reality as IP networks are joining innumerable devices and transferring large amounts of data.

Many organizations are moving towards digitization. They use technology to store records, share data and carry on their daily activities. Newer technological advancements are giving faster, simpler and cheaper solutions to companies. Governments are also focusing on developing smart cities.

Prime Minister, Narendra Modi has launched the ‘Digital India’ program. Under this program, the government has planned to set up infrastructure and provide broadband services in rural areas, internet access to public, Wi-Fi facilities in schools and universities, electronic government services, etc.

In terms of urban planning, the government will be creating 100 ‘Smart Cities.’ The concept is designed to simplify and upgrade the lifestyles of the citizens. Digitization will help to achieve developed and empowered India.

  • One-touch services will be provided to the citizens. Investments will be made for parking solutions. The solution will help to combat traffic congestion and pollution.
  • Efficient water management and gas monitoring solutions will provide real-time information on the usage and wastage through leaks. This will help save water and gas.
  • Transportation management will be done through sensors, trackers, camera, records, etc.
  • Virtual offices will enhance employee competency and save costs on physical structures and commuting.
  • E-learning will change the education sector and help students learn efficiently.
  • Security solutions will also be upgraded. Centers, vehicles, situational awareness, etc. will be shaped by digitization.

As India is moving towards digitization, Tikona Digital Networks will play a significant role in providing technological solutions. The company is providing wireless broadband services in 25 cities of the country and is known for its faster and cheaper connectivity. It will be in the forefront to create a digitized India.