Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Download all you Want - Tikona Internet Plans

Tikona Digital Networks is a growing Indian broadband service provider that is offering high speed internet services to homes and enterprises. They have just introduced more plans that let you download unlimited data at high speed.  Tikona is the winner of the BWA (4G) spectrum which covers a population of 300 million in 5 circles – Gujarat, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh (East), Uttar Pradesh (West) and Himachal Pradesh.

Tikona internet plans are very versatile as there is a subscription plan to suit all kinds of usages. The three main categories of tariff plans are:

  • Tikona Heavy usage category: (No GB restrictions)

Unlimited 4Mbps plan with different FUP from 80 to 250 GB, in different price ranges, starting at Rs.1000.

  • Tikona Medium usage category: (5 GB to 20GB per month)

2- 4 Mbps plans for FUP ranging from 25 GB to 50 GB, with guaranteed bill limit.

  • Tikona Light usage category: (40 GB for 6 months, 125 GB for 12 months)

This is a prepaid plan where the rate is a highly competitive 6 paise per MB for 125GB. This is a 12 month plan @ Rs.7999 which includes ST and installation.

High speed, and facilities like online bill pay and recharge make Tikona a reliable internet service provider. The company understands your needs for high speed internet for entertainment and work. It provides you packages with high speeds and maximum download capacity that fit your budget.

Here are three reasons why you should opt for Tikona internet plans:
  • Speed
Say goodbye to the buffering circle every time you stream a video or audio online and say hello to high speed internet that lets you stream two to four videos at a time. Downloading videos and other media files has never been easier.

  • Higher Fair Usage Policy
We understand your internet related needs and that is why Tikona internet plans have the highest fair usage policy limit. We have plenty of data to offer you, irrespective of the duration and purpose of usage.

  • Reliable Broadband Service Provider
You do not have to worry about internet problems arising due to faulty cables as Tikona network is completely wireless. This means zero outages and maximum uptimes. If at all you face any glitches, our customer care executives are available to solve your queries.

Tikona’s high speed and glitch free services, that fit within your budget, are waiting for you. Visit the website today to know more and to bid goodbye to slow services with your new connection from Tikona.

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  1. Pretty cool to have a plan that doesn't have measly limits. I was recently checking out some sports, live streaming of course and it was great to have a broadband network in place that would enable this -