Friday, February 27, 2015

Internet, a Popular Medium for Education

The internet in India has seen a drastic change in the recent years. It has grown tremendously in the country. Being a cheap medium, it is widely popular with every mobile user. After China and US, India ranks third globally in the number of internet users.

The government is trying to further widen the coverage of the net. It has also targeted 2015 for boosting the use of internet in the country. With the rise in its connectivity and popularity, the medium is becoming equally important in educating the masses. In the recent years, the audience has become matured and internet is widely being used as a learning medium.

How internet helps in learning?

Internet is a deep sea for learning. There is enormous content available on the net on any and every topic. There are also many portals available that boost education. One may learn a new term or a whole subject through these portals. It also enhances the general knowledge. Besides, people may get timely and quick news updates.
Apart from these, there are many video lectures, discussions and tests conducted for a particular course. A student can get access to high-quality education or a lecture of a renowned professor in an affordable manner through broadband internet. The internet becomes a savior for competitive exams, preparing notes, making projects, etc. It also enhances campus learning and offers flexibility. One can watch an online video before attending a lecture to strengthen their base or get answers for millions of questions through the net.

Seeing the tremendous growth of internet in India, the HRD department also seeks to focus on online education. The government has planned to launch new Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) wherein courses will be available for the citizens for free on the web.

There is so much of quality content on the internet that one can learn new things each day in life. The web provides enormous growth opportunities. Understanding this, the government is seeking to boost internet accessibility and learning. Tikona, being one of the service providers in the country is in the forefront to educate the masses through the internet. 

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Tikona Networks: An Insight to one of the Top ISP companies in India

Tikona was founded in 2008 by Prakash Bajpai, it is an Internet Service Provider Company and has a strong customer base across India. Tikona ranks among the top three broadband service providers in India and also includes 6,000 SMEs among its subscribers. The company built a strong customer base by facilitating quality service and great internet plans. 

Tikona also made history by being the world’s largest outdoor wireless network provider by installing more than 40,000 access points throughout India. The company was also successful in acquiring the All-India Class-A ISP license by the Ministry of Communications, Government of India. The founder, Prakash Bajpai is a well-known figure in the Telecommunication industry as he was the President and CEO of Reliance Communications before finding Tikona. 

Tikona generally goes beyond all the technical aspects they excel in. Building a good rapport with the subscriber is what has made the company successful in a short span of time. A satisfied user of Tikona broadband termed their services as ‘Leaders in the competition’ and said, “I have been using Tikona for a longtime and so far so good. I would like to appreciate Tikona services. You can’t compare any ISP just only on network connectivity; you should also compare that what kind of after sales services they are providing.” This is one of the several Tikona reviews in which, a user has mentioned that he is truly delighted with the company’s after sales services. 

Website and Tikona Internet Plans Tikona’s official website, is designed to provide with a simplified outlook about complicated internet packages. Under the ‘Broadband plans’ tab is a list of all the packages offered by Tikona, ranging from Heavy Usage to Light Usage. The ‘Plan Selector’ option is for new subscribers who are muddled in selecting a plan, the option considers your budget, speed and usage and offers a suitable internet package.