Friday, January 23, 2015

How a user benefited from Tikona's Wireless Broadband Services

A few years ago I was not a technology freak. Never one of the early adopters of the new tech trends. I am no fan boy of any particular brand; my purchases are largely influenced by my friends and peers. But last week I had to go through the tedious task of wading through a large number of internet service provider options to replace my current one, which was woefully falling short to match up to my increasingly WiFi dependent smart home and opt for wireless broadband services from Tikona. Technology had its grip on me!

Internet has been a part of my life from the dial up connection days. My needs changed from a single connection servicing a single desktop PC to multiple users using multiple devices. My needs changed from being a simple consumer of internet to a more evolved high speed and high data guzzler internet consumer.

Right from my recently purchased iPhone 6 and my year old iPad Air, to the remote surveillance system installed at my home or playing a game of football online on my Xbox over the weekend. Everything wants a WiFi connection, it craves for it! A smart phone isn’t so smart if you don’t have a fast internet connection to back it up. Manufacturers aren’t helping either, they are making everything smart. Although I haven’t used it yet, even my Air conditioner can be remotely controlled via the internet. All these devices excluding my laptop and wireless printer originally for whom my broadband connection was intended.

My latest toy, Google’s chromecast which is yet to be delivered over the weekend has me excited like a boy waiting to open his birthday present. I guess it was when I purchased the chromecast online that finally nudged to get a better internet plan and go for Tikona. I couldn’t stand the idea of looking at the buffering symbol circling, coming in between me and HD quality video and audio content. I remember being filled with a white hot rage when the game would freeze due to an unstable internet connection. And it always had to happen when few minutes were remaining in extra time!

Given the setup at my place I needed at least a 4 Mbps connection. The problem was given that I wanted to stream HD content in addition to my other usage; I would burn through my fair usage limit in no time. After skimming through various providers and tariff plans provided by them, I decided to go with Tikona Broadband. They have an option where you can test the speed and then choose to go for the plan only if you are satisfied with the demo. It’s been a week since I have been using Tikona Digital Networks, so far so good! Hope it will match up to my amplified internet requirements as well. I will be reviewing Tikona’s performance in detail in coming few weeks. Excited!!