Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Tikona Internet Plans

Tikona Digital Networks, popularly known as, 'Tikona' is a broadband wireless internet service provider. The company, based out of Mumbai, India offers some intriguing internet solutions to cater to the needs of India's fast growing user base. 

The various plans are segmented into four types. This has been done on the basis of usage. The internet plans offered are as follows:

Heavy Usage Plans: Best suited for those who consume greater than 50 GB per month
·        Medium Usage Plans: Best suited if usage is 20 - 30 GB per month
·        Light Usage Plans: Best suited if usage is up to 10 GB per month
·        Flexi Usage Plans: Best suited for light internet users who don’t want the hassles of bills. 
Tikona Digital Networks has an interesting online tool which picks the best plan for you, depending on your usage. To find out the best plan for you, please click here
Tikona is able to offer competitive pricing for its services due to a wide range of plans, Monthly internet packages start as low as Rupees 500 and vary according to the data usage.

The SOHO Plan is an attractive proposition for users wanting virtually no limit on their data usage. The plans allow customers unlimited down from 8PM to 8AM at high speeds (>2MBPS). The speed offered during the day is 512KBPS. 

Value Added Services

Apart from the various broadband plans on offer, Tikona Digital Networks also offers two value added services. They are,
Static IP - :Allows remote access to your home network for applications like web hosting, VPN, surveillance, home automation, etc.
SECURED WI-Fi - :With this option, you can secure your Wi-Fi network with Tikona all_home solution, compliant to DOT guidelines on Wi-Fi security. 

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