Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Top 3 Common Wi-Fi Problems that Users Face

Today, four out of five houses in Indian metros have a Wi-Fi internet connection. This internet broadband is usually powered by internet service providers (ISP) as they are more cost-effective, efficient, and provide a dedicated connection. But there are few common problems that users face when it comes to connecting their devices to the internet. These can be an authentication problem or a set up error which are really annoying for a user.
Below is a list of three common issues and their resolution:

Poor Signal Strength

One of the most common problems is poor WiFi signal strength. Although there can be various causes for this, the most usual suspect is the Wi-Fi router itself. Most modern devices have a lifespan of around four years, and yet it depends on the technology and the brand. Replacing and configuring the router may help you regain signal strength, but if the problem persists, you may want to look at the positioning of your hardware.

This wireless technology works on the principle of radio wave transmission wherein a router transmits data waves for devices such as your smartphone and your laptop to detect and connect to. These radio waves need space (or a medium) to move around freely. If they do not have this liberty to move around, say due to a wall or any other physical object, the strength of these signals fall, causing you to receive low-quality signals. One way to check this is to take your device in front of the router and try connecting to the internet. If it gives you full signal strength, you have your culprit.

Channel Noise

Have you ever looked at the Wi-Fi networks list from your mobile device when you are at home? Chances are that you will see at least five different networks (all your neighbors’). Well, this can be a problem for your router because now it has to cut through these channels too in addition to transmitting internet to you. The more number of networks in a location, the harder for your router to transmit good-quality internet.

The easiest way to get rid of this is to manually select a unique channel that your router transmits internet in. There are several guides available on the internet which you can refer to for this purpose. And once you do it, you will never have to worry about poor signal strength again.

“Forgot the Password”

It may be hard to believe but people always lose access or forget the password of their Wi-Fi networks. If you are one of them, fret not, because there are several guides available on the web that you can use to retrieve your password. The process is similar to how you change your channel, and can be carried out in minutes flat.

These are the top 3 problems that Wi-Fi users face today, and most internet providers in India like Tikona make sure that their customers’ problems are immediately resolved. There are several services that are offered by Tikona Broadband.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

How to Measure Your Wi-Fi Signal Strength

Your wireless network connection’s (Wi-Fi) performance greatly depends on the radio signal strength. The data rate available on the path between the wireless access point and a connected device is determined by the signal strength in each direction. The signal strength of your Wi-Fi helps to determine the range that an access point has throughout any given area and the functionality of the Wi-Fi hardware.

Measuring the Wi-Fi signal strength could also help you identify the ways to improve the internet connectivity of your connected devices. Here are two methods to measure the Wi-Fi signal strength.

Using a built-in operating system utility

Usually, operating systems like Microsoft Windows contain a built-in utility to examine wireless network connections. Using a built-in operating system is the simplest and the fastest method to measure the Wi-Fi signal strength.

In the latest versions of Windows, you could click the small network icon on the taskbar to instantly see the wireless network you are connected to. The signal strength of the Wi-Fi is indicated through five bars, where five is the best connection while one is the poorest connection.

In Windows, you could also find the same using ‘Network and Internet’ option in Control Panel. On the ‘Network Connections’ page, simply right-click the wireless connection option and choose ‘Connect/Disconnect’ to determine the Wi-Fi signal strength.

To have the terminal window show the signal strength on Linux systems, use the following command:  iwconfig wlan0 | grep -i --color signal.

Using a tablet or smart phone

Any internet-enabled mobile device generally has a section in the settings that could show you the signal strength of the Wi-Fi network in range.

In the ‘Settings’ app on an iPhone, just go to Wi-Fi to see the signal strength of the network you are connected to as well as the signal strength of any network in range.

Similarly, to determine the Wi-Fi signal strength on an Android smart phone, tablet, or any other smart phone simply browse through the ‘Wi-Fi’, ‘Settings’ or ‘Network’ menu.

Alternatively, you could download a free app like Wi-Fi Analyzer for Android, which visually represents your Wi-Fi signal strength in dBm as compared to other nearby networks. Similar apps are also available for other platforms like iOS.

Tikona’s secured office Wi-Fi services

The implementation of Wi-Fi is a crucial business decision. The authorities are mainly concerned about security on wireless coverage within the office. Furthermore, the interference of multiple Wi-Fi devices with each other degrades the overall network performance. However, Tikona Digital Networks addresses these problems with its secured office Wi-Fi solution.

Tikona’s secured office Wi-Fi solution enables employees to access the network of the office securely from anywhere in the premises using mobile Internet devices like smart phones, laptops, and tablets. Moreover, it enables the addition of new users to the office network without any incremental cost.

The secured office Wi-Fi solution by Tikona Broadband is powered by 4G technologies like OFDM, MIMO and Smart Antenna technology. It is equipped with unique features and offers several benefits to its users, such as Secured Wi-Fi access through WPA2 Enterprise, double the coverage of standard Wi-Fi access points, in-built ‘Quality of Service’ for voice, video and data traffic, and Smart Antennas that prevent interference.

There are also some new broadband plans for Bangalore offered by Tikona.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Latest Tikona Internet Plans for Bangalore

Tikona is an Internet Service Provider (ISP) that offers numerous broadband plans in Bangalore and across 24 other cities in the country. It also offers services like leased line connections for office. The ISP has a customer base of more than 2,75,000. It was founded in the year 2008 by Prakash Bajpai, who is a veteran in the telecommunications industry.

The company has over 40,000 wireless access points across India, which makes it one of the largest Wireless Internet service providers in the world. What sets Tikona apart from the rest is its ability to provide prompt installation services, superior internet packages, and reliable technical support.

Tikona broadband offers reliable internet services in Bangalore with speeds ranging from 3 Mbps to 10 Mbps, providing bundled usage based and unlimited plans. Given below are some of the latest plans by the ISP, which offer complete value for money.

Unlimited Plans (No FUP Limit Plans)-

Plan Name
Monthly Plan Charges (Rs)

FUP Limit

Download Speed

10 Mbps
6 Mbps
3 Mbps

There are a total of 3 plans that have no FUP limits. They provide speeds of 10 Mbps, 6 Mbps and 3 Mbps. The 10 Mbps plan has a monthly fee of Rs. 1400, while the 6 Mbps plan costs Rs. 1050 per month and lastly, the 3 Mbps plan has a monthly fee of Rs. 750. You can utilize an unlimited amount of data with these plans at the same speeds. That’s the unique feature of these plans. There is no Daily Data Cap applicable to any of the above Unlimited Plans. Check out the details in the table given above. 

Zabbardus 10 Mbps plan-

Monthly Plan Charges (Rs)

FUP Limit

Download Speed

10 Mbps
10 Mbps
Post FUP Download Speed

1 Mbps
1 Mbps
Plan Name


Both Zabbardus 10 Mbps plans enable you to download data at speeds of up to 10 Mbps. The former could be availed following a payment of Rs 2013 subscription fee. The monthly charges for this plan are Rs. 750 while its FUP limit is 75 GB. The #ADBBM10M650 plan has an FUP limit of 30 GB. You need to pay Rs. 1898 as its subscription fee as well a monthly fee of Rs. 650.  Download speeds of both these plans will drop to 1 Mbps once you cross the FUP limit.

Smart 6 Mbps plan-

Monthly Plan Charges (Rs)
FUP Limit
90 GB
45 GB
Download Speed
6 Mbps
6 Mbps
Post FUP Download Speed
1 Mbps
1 Mbps
Plan Name

Smart 6 Mbps plans provide you with a dedicated download speed of 6 Mbps. You will have to pay a fee of Rs. 500 as installation charge. The #ADBBM6M750 plan lets you download 90 GB of data. This plan can be availed following a payment of Rs. 1,438 as subscription fee. The monthly charges for this plan are Rs. 750. Subscribing to the #ADBBM6M650 plan lets you avail of 45 GB of data. You could enroll in this plan by making a payment of Rs. 1,323 as subscription fee apart from paying Rs. 650 every month Download speeds of both plans will drop to 1 Mbps once you cross the FUP limit.

Tikona Broadband’s Bangalore plans provide customers with reliable and high-quality Internet services. With plans starting from Rs. 550, the ISP has ensured that everyone has a plan to suit their budget. To find out more about Tikona Digital Networks’ services, contact the ISP’s customer care on 1860-3000-3434 or write to

Friday, March 31, 2017

Why the Internet is a Blessing for Businesses of All Kinds

The proliferation of the internet has been a blessing for businesses of all kinds. The World Wide Web has enabled all types of companies to compete with established corporations, thereby helping to level the playing field. With the constant availability of content and products online, businesses have been able to increase their visibility, and consequently their revenue as well. Thanks to the improved technologies of internet, companies have been able to reach out to customers like never before.

Given below are four benefits that your business could derive through the internet.

1. An endless customer base

If you had to promote your business a few decades ago, then advertising it through print, TV, and radio were the only options. Using these options was often expensive, and their reach was limited. Progress in 4G and advanced wifi technologies has changed the way businesses advertise themselves and their products. Any organization or product that has a presence on the Web also has the potential to reach a global audience.
Today, consumers from around the world could easily learn about your company and buy products, through the Internet.

2. The opportunity to keep services available every day of the year

Since anyone can access anything on the Web at any given time, your online services are bound to be open all through the day and night. As a business owner, you are bound to benefit the most because of this as you can earn money at any hour. Services like Virtual Private Networks also help.

3. Immense business networking possibilities

As many businesses have established their presence on the Web and also the fact that internet in India has improved, it has led to the creation of a global community of peers. Before the advent of the internet, business owners had to join a local commerce chamber in order to network with fellow entrepreneurs.  The World Wide Web has changed the rules of business networking as it has enabled business owners to easily exchange ideas with fellow entrepreneurs from the same fields via Internet forums and chat rooms.

4. Cost-effective operations

As mentioned earlier, harnessing the power of the digitalized networks for your business is extremely cost effective. Operating your store online is far cheaper than running an actual shop. Even advertising on the Web is cheaper as compared to traditional media outlets. What’s more? The Internet also helps you to reach out to a targeted demographic, all without having to travel.

If your business requires a dependable ISP who would provide an uninterrupted internet connection, you could consider availing the services provided by Tikona Infinet, which is the enterprise services division of Tikona Digital Networks Pvt. Ltd. provides reliable last mile wireless access to its customers. It also offers leased line connections and VPNs. The last mile is used to expand the connectivity from Tikona Infinet’s Point of Presence through POPs to various locations in India.

The enterprise services division’s Wireless Broadband (WBB) base stations, which are located at each POP, complete the provisioning of this last mile. They connect to the Customer-Premises Equipment (CPE), which are installed at the subscriber’s location. Equipments of Tikona Broadband can be installed at your location after the payment of a one-time rental.

Friday, March 3, 2017

My Tikona Review- Tikona 4 MBps Broadband Plan

Name: Satish Shah
Age: 29 yrs.
Location: Mulund West, Navi Mumbai.
Occupation: Stock Market trader

I’m a Stock Market trader and reside in Mulund and needed a high speed internet connection all day long. As my occupation depends on checking stock prices constantly, I needed a connection where I could stream live stock prices the entire day, mainly 7-8 hours of live streaming and 3-4 hours of research. It will be right to assume that my livelihood directly depends on a good internet connection. But, my previous internet connection was no good, it was slow, had several maintenance issues and I’ve suffered a lot of losses due to inconsistency of services. It was high time that I started searching for a new broadband connection and I started asking around my neighborhood.

How I found out about Tikona?

Besides the local internet service providers, I heard about Tikona Broadband services which is a popular internet connection service provider in my area and several of my neighbors had already subscribed to their services. So, after researching for a bit, I found out that Tikona Digital Networks is a Mumbai-based internet service provider and offers some great broadband plans at reasonable rates. As most of the members of my society had already had the infrastructure set up, I decided to give Tikona a shot and check out their services.

My Experience Using Tikona 4 Mbps Plan-

I started using Tikona 4 mbps broadband plan after going through all the plans that they offered. The plan came with 4 mbps download speed & with 60 GB download limit and was exactly the kind of plan I was looking for. As I work heavily on my laptop I needed good internet speed and 4 mbps was the optimal speed. The 4 mbps plan cost me INR 3999 for 6 months which was cheaper than my previous connection. The installation process was swift and my internet connection was up and running in a day.

How Tikona Broadband Connection is Setup-

Two routers are installed, one at the rooftop and one internally and both were installed in a day. The rooftop router is fitted on the terrace and a linking cable is connected from it to the router at my house. Their package also includes a Wi-fi router which is always convenient as it makes my entire home a wireless internet hub and can be connected to any device including my laptop. Up to 8 devices can be connected so the wireless internet can be connected to a phone, a tablet or any device that requires an internet connection.

Final Rating and review for Tikona Digital Networks-

I’ve been a Tikona subscriber for the past 4 months now and honestly I haven’t found out any flaws yet. My Tikona review is that the speed is good, rarely experiences down times, and the customer service is commendable. I’m happy with their service and will renew my plan with them after 2 months. Below are my ratings.

Installation Services: 9/10
Speed: 8/10
Connectivity: 8/10
Customer Service: 9/10
Equipment: 8/10
Overall Rating: 8/10

Would I Recommend Tikona? YES.